Ivecon Projects is a well-established construction company, with a proven track record in residential construction.

Our Services

Home Construction

Ivecon Projects specialize in the middle to upmarket residential home construction. With our proven track record, in association with a team of dedicated professionals, let us assist you from start to finish.

Property Development

With property development, we assist in the development of cluster developments, ranging from entry level homes to up-market sub-divisions. Working closely with our client, we ensure that finishes selected are modern, current, and within the required budget.


There is no renovation task too big or small for us. We take careful consideration of your lifestyle during alterations, and design and plan the alterations that your lifestyle is inconvenienced as little as possible.

Why us?

Certified & Registered

Ivecon Projects are a registered member of the NHBRC and a long standing member of the Gauteng Master Builders Association.

Ethical & Honest

We conform to a strong code of ethics and strive to create an environment of professionalism to ensure peace of mind. We conduct all our projects with complete transparency, thus empowering our clients with confidence and security.


As professional project managers, it is our aim to bring you, our valued client, work of the highest quality and our management style allows clients continuous and direct communication throughout each contract.

Quality Assurance

Whilst no two budgets are the same, we ensure that our quality workmanship is never compromised, having a huge network of tried and tested suppliers and contractors to support us in this assurance.

Cost Effective

We know that not everyone’s budget it the same, and through careful planning, looking at alternate options, and working closely with our client’s needs, we are able to build any home within most realistic budgets.


Ivecon Projects was one of the original 6 builder’s appointed and recognized by Century Properties within the Waterfall Development. In 2012, we were also awarded the Best Built, and the Greenest Designed home within the Century Waterfall Homeshow.