An architect’s involvement in the building process

An architect designs and submits the plans for any given building project. But their involvement does not have to stop there. In this article, we will look at why it is important to have an architect and why they should stay involved in your building project. 

Choosing an Architect

We recommend that you meet with at least two architects. No two are the same, each having a preferred style and design flare. One may have an eye for country styles while another prefers more modern designs. It is important to choose an architect that you get along with. An architect who can conceptualise your ideas. 

How can an Architect help?

Your architect is responsible for submitting your plans to the council for approval. When approved, you will need to go out to tender and gather quotes. At this point, you can employ your architect to stay involved in your project. You can also choose to do it yourself.

We advise clients to keep their architect involved. An architect can help in various ways, most of which will give you peace of mind. 

For the tender process, your architect will have a list of recommended construction companies. You are welcome to research construction companies and add then to that list.  Your architect manages the tender process, sending out plans and receiving quotes. They will do a thorough assessment of tenders received.

Some construction companies may omit elements, under charge or manipulate figures. Incomplete quotes make them appear to be more affordable. A seasoned architect will notice these differences and follow up on them. (To learn more on understanding quotes see our video on Comparing Quotes.)

Other than assisting with the tender process, your architect will be able to help with:

  • Ensuring that the builder is building according to plan
  • Mediate between you and the construction company to handle discrepancies
  • Handle industry-related issues which may arise
  • Ensure that both parties meet contractual obligations 
  • Supervise budgets
  • Manage and approve variations that may arise

Your architect’s knowledge and guidance will equip you to make informed decisions. Your project will be more enjoyable and run smoother. 

In saying that, we have had successful projects without the help of an architect. Should you choose not to appoint one for your project, take a look at our suggestions on How to Choose a Builder.