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Build costs can be daunting regardless of the project size. Our quotes are accurate and detailed, breaking down all costs as well as potential costs one can expect when building. There are no hidden details.

Let us work with you to plan and find cost-effective solutions to complete your project.

Leave us your details, tell us a bit about your project and we will contact you shortly.

Step 1: Let’s meet

Deciding to build is a long-term commitment and you will be working with your builder for a good few months. We encourage open and honest communication from the start. Securing a constructive working relationship for the duration of the project and beyond. We’d love the opportunity to meet you and get into the details of your build. This lets us customize our quote to your specific requirements and budget.

Step 2: Quotation phase

While compiling our quote, we request costings from our preferred suppliers on various elements. Such as kitchens, windows, doors, roof trusses, slab designs and so forth. Depending on project size, the process for completing a thorough quote varies from 7 – 10 working days.

During this time we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the construction process.

A Word of Advice

Beware of builders that give you a broad “square meter price” based on glancing at the plans. This is about as accurate as the cashier charging you for your groceries based on simply looking at your basket. Take the time and get a proper, accurate costing – it will only benefit you in the end.  

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