Is it time to replace those tired kitchen cupboards, or give the house a fresh lick of paint? We can help!

We manage a range of minor and major alterations from:

  • Kitchen refurbishments
  • Bathroom revamps
  • Replacing floors or re-tiling
  • Repainting indoors and outdoors
  • Adding on more rooms
  • Complete gutting and refurbishment

Renovations can be an inconvenience and very trying if you live in your home during the project. We take this into account and plan the renovation around your family. Our teams are respectful of your property and limit interruptions where possible.

Things to Consider When Renovating

  1. Are you able to live or work in your property during the project? Keeping in mind that it is not always a silent or clean process. Noise, dust and fumes are part of the process but the reward is well worth it.
  2. It is possible to do major renovations in phases if you want to stay in during the project. Things can go quicker if you are able to move out for a period.
  3. Budget. Hidden problems may arise when clearing away the old, like damp, uneven floors or rotting wood. Keep a bit of fat in your budget to cater for unexpected surprises along the way. We provide cost-effective solutions where possible and manage all project costs within budget.